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This is the site of the Moscow Military Institute (MMI) Expatriate Alumni Network. The network is an informal association of the MMI graduates residing outside the former USSR. MMI at different times was also known as Military Institute of Foreign Languages, Military Academy for Economics, Finance and Law, and during 2000-2001 has been called Military University of Defense Ministry. It is located in Moscow, Russia. For details on the history of the institution see Page "MMI History".


The site was designed and is maintained by Art (Artyom) Shvetsov, 1985 MMI graduate, currently residing in the US. The site was test-driven by the listed graduates in July 2000 and unveiled for public access on August 03, 2000. 


Any MMI graduate wishing to have a network listing should e-mail the webmaster at To be eligible for a listing on this site an MMI alumnus should have established residence outside any of the former USSR republics.


The MMI Expatriate Alumni Network effort was launched by the webmaster after a Club of Military Institute (MMI Alumni Association) was set up in Moscow, Russia, in November of 1999. The Internet site of the Club and some other relevant sites came into being in the next few months. 


The network is thought to facilitate information exchange among the expatriate MMI community, on one hand, and among all MMI graduates irrespective of their place of residence, on the other. Between November 1999 and July 2000 (the time of this sites inception) the webmaster was able to find and get in touch with about 10 MMI graduates residing in USA, Canada and Western Europe. Some of them received first listings on the site. 


Two expatriate alumni lists will be maintained on the site: alphabetical and by year of graduation.  Each networked alumnus will have his page or  subweb (including any eligible text, graphic, video or other material). The site will contain links to websites of individual MMI graduates and/or their businesses. 


The subweb named Universities may be helpful to those thinking of furthering their education in the US. It has information on MMI diploma equivalency in the US, necessary examinations and tests to be taken, admission procedures at US universities, and other relevant information. The webmaster was lucky enough to have studied at three US universities. The subweb reflects his experience and that of some other foreign students in the US. Currently this subweb is 85% complete.


Between the time of this sites inception (July 2000) and now there has been no official site of MMI. The following other websites are completely or in part devoted to MMI Alumni activities and the current status of MMI:

Current MMI Club website: (Russian only);

Website of MMI alumni residing in the Ukraine: (previous address, disabled 03/2005: (Russian only);

Website of MMI students:;

Official page of MMI on the site of Russian Defense Ministry:

Website of Business Unit of the MMI Club: (Russian only);

Website of the MMI alumni association in St. Petersburg, Russia: (Russian only).  The site opened on November 05, 2000.

Website of the MMI Law School graduates (delivered March 23, 2001): (Russian only)

Website of 1993 graduates of the School of Eastern Languages:

One previous MMI website is at

At different times MMI-related sites used to be at:,,,;

Website of MMI alumni association in Minsk, Belarus used to be at: The site (Russian only) kicked off January 26, 2001 and was deactivated some time in 2002.

Website covering activities and news on MMI Alumni used to be at Deactivated some time in 2001;


This network provides links to similar networks of graduates of other former USSR universities on the Web, and links to Russian communities world over (Russian Expatriate Communities page)




  Art Shvetsov 2003