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Network News

July-August 2000


Internet Site of Moscow Military Institute Expatriate Alumni Network was test-driven by the listed graduates between July 27 and August 03, 2000. Six MMI alumni were listed initially. As of that time scarce information was available on about six others. The site unveiled for public use on August 03, 2000. 


The site was removed from its previous location on August 08, 2000. The site removal was likely done by a computer at responding to some unidentified key word on the site. The reasons for the removal given by the automated response were not applicable to the site. The site was restored at a different address on August 12, 2000.


September-October 2000


The webmaster was able to locate and contact several other expatriate graduates, of whom the information came from graduates in Russia. It so happens that both newly found graduates reside in the State of Washington in the Northwest of the US. Several graduates residing in Europe were also found, but they have not provided sufficient information to be reflected as of October 2000. Also, some personal information on previously listed alumni was corrected and links to related sites were updated. 


November 2000


One more expatriate MMI alumnus residing in the US, New England, was listed. Contact was established with one graduate in Germany, and some other prospective European listings were in the works.


A site of MMI alumni association in St. Petersburg, Russia, was unveiled on November 05, 2000. Its address is  


The first expatriate MMI alumnus residing in Europe (Germany) was listed November 08, 2000.


On November 17, 2000 the graduates of the Law School of the Institute started setting up their site in Moscow, Russia. The launch of the site ( was to be announced later.


The first expatriate graduate of the Law School of the Institute was listed November 20, 2000.  


The Network continued its expansion to the east. On November 27, 2000, the second alumnus from Western Europe (residing in the Netherlands) was listed.


A new subweb of the Network, Network Acts, entered design phase. The subweb will carry pictures of the listed alumni and tell stories of their adventures.


December 2000


The Network Acts subweb was launched on December 09, 2000, with the story of A. Orlov's visit to the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and the site of Fort Elizabeth, the former Russian settlement on the island.


On December 13 some slanderous information was published on the unofficial site of MMI students. The webmaster solicited opinions of the alumni community and requested that information be removed from that site, but it was not. Under the circumstances and in line with the opinion of the community, it became impossible to be linked to that site, and the link was removed December 17, 2000.


January 2001


A pilot website of Minsk-based MMI alumni association unveiled January 26, 2001. The site was The site was deactivated some time in 2002.


The webmaster was in Atlanta, GA, on January 15 and met I. Arkhipov..



The first Australia-based alumnus was found in January and listed on January 31.  



February 2001



MMI alumni celebrated the 61st anniversary of the Institute in one of Moscow's largest reception halls. About 3000 alumni, faculty, staff and students reportedly showed up. One network member, Yu. Koshkin, attended the event while on a business trip to Moscow.



During February 01-26 the site was not opening for editing. The webmaster believes this was caused by a failure on the hosting server side. It never opened, and about 75% of the site had to be redone almost from scratch.



 March-April 2001



A web site of the MMI Law School got its ribbon cut on March 23.



May-June 2001


One new site of the MMI community was commissioned. This time the 1993 graduates of the Eastern Languages School made their contribution.


The webmaster graduated Summa Cum Laude from Athens State University (Athens, AL) with a Bachelors in Computer Science and late in May joined a software company in Birmingham, AL, as software engineer. Due to circumstances he was not able to update this site during most part of May and June.


The MMI Alumni Association celebrated the Day of Interpreter on May 19.



July-September 2001


The MMI network expanded in the Eastern Hemisphere, locating one alumnus in Australia and one in Cambodia. 


Links to Alumni Associations and alumni lists of several other former USSR universities were placed on the home page. These links were checked in September, two were updated, two others were found inactive and marked so until further notice.


October 2001 - January 2003


The website received fractional irregular updates.


February 2003


A new page with information on Russian Expatriate communities world over was added. Communities were grouped by location and by education.




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