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During his senior year (1982) at the Institute Mikhail Bazhenov completed a tour of duty in one of the north African countries. After graduation in 1983 he was stationed in Sain-Shand, Mongolia. In 1986 he was transferred to the township of Kraskino (Primorskyi Region) and stayed there until 1989. In 1989-1991 he was stationed in the City of Khabarovsk. He retired from service in 1991 as captain. Upon retirement he stayed in Khabarovsk where he incorporated a travel agency.


In 1995, when organized crime tried to override his business, he had to move to the US. In this country he worked with several organizations in various occupations, including security officer and interpreter with a hospital. Currently he is manager with ICM, Inc. (a seafood business). He is also member of one KVN club team (KVN is a club of the Russian community in the US).




  Art Shvetsov 2000-2003