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Alexander Grozny is a graduate of the so-called “accelerated studies” program. This program existed at MMI during 1979-1987 and offered nine-months studies in Portuguese, Farsi and Dari languages. Graduates of that program were sent to serve in various countries for 2-4 years, and then returned to MMI for completion of their studies (for four years in most cases).


Alexander was initially accepted to MMI in 1976, and after his initial studies was assigned to serve in Guinea-Bissau in 1977. The CIA Factbook’s Government section on that country ( reads, in particular: Legal System: NA (NA stands for not available). He also did a stint in Cabo Verde (for more information on that country see the same Factbook at He departed from that region in 1979 to reenroll at MMI and study there until 1983.


In 1983-1987 he served with various units in Moscow, and was transferred to the City of Riga in 1987. Riga belonged to the USSR at that time. He was stationed there until 1990, when he resigned as captain. He started several businesses in Riga, the city that became capital of independent Republic of Latvia in 1991. His efforts included antique stores, a travel agency, and a car dealership.


He relocated to Koeln, Germany, in 1997, and shortly thereafter he stood at the helm of Finanz Trend, a company providing insurance, investments, loans, other financial products, and involved in real estate business. He has been managing the company since then.






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