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Sergei Ignatychev graduated from MMI in 1981. He was then assigned to the Special operations brigade in the City of Ussuryisk in the Far Eastern Military District of the USSR. His subsequent tours of duty included:
1986-1987 Military District Headquarters, City of Khabarovsk.
1987-1990 Soviet Army Group in East Germany.

In 1990 he retired as captain and joined the State Customs Service. He served there during 1990-1993. During 1993-1999 he worked in various logistics positions with German, Portuguese, Australian, Belgian companies. His last position before relocation to Australia in 1999 was National Logistics Manager with DHL (international shipping company).
Sergei lived in
Sydney since his arrival to Australia. He worked with the Security, Transportation and Cash Logistics Brinks company as armed cash-in transit officer, then rejoined DHL as export clerk. Later he was reconciliation accountant for the Australian branch John Swire & Sons, a British company. In 2004 he joined Australian Red Cross, Blood Service, as distribution officer, and in 2005 transferred to Processing Lab in Blood Service.


Sergei Ignatychev and the famous New South Wales Holy Cow in Sydney, March 2004


  Art Shvetsov 2000-2005