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Sergei Konoplyov after his graduation in 1981 served with several military missions in Africa and Latin America until 1984. In 1984-1992 he got stationed in Frunze (currently Bishkek, Republic of Kyrgyzstan). His last position there was chief of interpretation and translation department of an Air Force college. After the disintegration of the USSR (in 1993) he became officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and served with the United Nations Liasion Section, Foreign Relations Department, General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Kyiv. During that period he was overseeing the operations of the peacekeeping Ukrainian battalion in Bosnia. He retired in 1994 as major. 

During his stint in Kyrgyzstan he enrolled (1986) and earned a degree in Journalism (1991) from Kyrgyzstan State University (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). In 1996 he was admitted to the Edmund Muskie Fellowship Program. He studied at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, and attended classes at the Kennedy School of Public Administration. In 1997 he earned his Master's degree in Public Administration with major in National and International Security.

Sergei served as Acting Director of the Eurasia Foundation for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova in 1995-1996. Currently he is Associate Director of the Harvard University Ukrainian National Security Program and Black Sea Security Program of the same institution (he holds both positions from 1997).   He became member of International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, in 1998.  He is on the editorial board of “International Security (Ukraine)" publication of the Center For Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (Ukraine) (

 In 2000 he became Assistant to the Head of Committee on National Security and Defense of Supreme Rada (parliament) of Ukraine.

Besides receiving a Muskie Fellowship Sergei at various times in the past was awarded several other fellowships, including PromPeru Fellowship to study the "El Nino" climatic condition and NATO Research Fellowship from the Alliance headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

During the years after his graduation he was able to learn some other foreign languages, including Portuguese and French. Sergei translated about 30 novels from English into Russian, including three books of Sidney Sheldon.


S. Konoplyov in Boston, MA, fall of 2000.




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