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Viktor Kornienko graduated from the Institute in 1988. While there (1983-1988) he was enrolled with the School of Eastern Languages and studied Urdu and English. He also completed a course of study in Hindi language. He was then assigned to work as interpreter/translator with the Military College for ABC Defense in the City of Tambov. His stint there spanned two years.


In 1990 he retired from military service as lieutenant and started working as conference interpreter/translator. Most of his work was done in Moscow and Prague (Czech Republic). In 1991 he relocated to Austria after “Universitas” - the Austrian Interpreters’ Association - decided his skills met the national merits criteria for  interpreter in rare languages. He has been full member of the Association since 1992.


In 1992-1995 Viktor was enrolled in a Ph.D. Program in Linguistics at the University of Vienna. Since his relocation he worked as simultaneous conference interpreter as well as translator on contracts from many public and private clients (including Austrian Government, International Olympic Committee, Sony, Siemens, Philips).


In 2001 he completed a study of Icelandic language, living in Reykjavik and the City of Eastern Fjords for three months. The Icelandic became his sixth language, as he mastered German since his move to the country.




Viktor Kornienko in Vienna, Austria. August 2001




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