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Sergei Nedogarko is a 1994 graduate of the MMI, Eastern Languages School. During his studies he was able to complete official MMI curriculum in a third language (English) in addition to Vietnamese and French. His extracurricular activities included editing and publishing students' monthly and weekly newsletters.

After graduation he spent few months in the Moscow region, with Tamansky infantry division. He resigned from the army in 1994 as lieutenant. During the next year he worked as a senior sales representative for a US stationary goods company in Moscow.

He relocated to Germany in 1995 and completed training in marketing during 1996 - 1997. He became export sales manager for Saunatec Group, the world's largest sauna & steam company in 1997 and has been with the company ever since. His areas of responsibility include East & Central Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

He also works as web designer. His works include,, His website is


Sergei Negodarko at a recent 2003 ISH Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.




  Art Shvetsov 2000-2003