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Sergei Rozhdestvensky was a student of the "accelerated studies" program at MMI. After enrolling in 1984 and nine months of Dari language and other relevant training he was sent to Zabul Province of Afghanistan as interpreter. In 1987, after two years of duty, he returned to MMI where he studied English and Farsi, graduating in 1991.

He then was assigned to serve at a training center at Medvezhi Oziora, Moscow Region. He later joined the Ukrainian President's Security Service (US Secret Service equivalent) and served with them until 1994.

He resigned from service in 1994 as captain and enrolled at Higher Banking School in Kiev, Ukraine, where he studied for 1 year. After graduation he worked as Financial Manager in Kiev with Feld company until 1996.

In 1996 he relocated to Canada and started from the bottom as a typical immigrant, working entry-level jobs. He has been accountant with a metal fabrication company in Edmonton, Alberta since 2000.

Edmonton is at 4 hours' flight or 2-days' drive from Toronto and is located at the foot of the famous Rocky Mountains, world-renown ski area and a site of Sergei's regular downhill-zip endeavors.




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