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Sergey Svechnikov enrolled at MMI in 1987. He studied there until late 1991, when after completing 9 semester studies out of 10 required for graduation, he dropped out and got discharged from the Army. During 1992 he moved out of Russia, lived in China for a short period of time, and then relocated to Australia.


He enrolled with Australian National University in Canberra in 1992 (for more information on the University visit In 1993 he transferred to Macquarie University ( in Sydney, and graduated from it in 1997 with a B.A. in Economics and Asian Studies. He then pursued further studies at the University of New South Wales ( and graduated from it in 1999 with a Master in Economics, 1st Class Honors Degree. His research thesis for the degree was titled "Border Trade between Russia's Far East and China's Northern regions". Back in 1997 he started working as a Business Consultant in Sydney, and his responsibilities included a lot of travel to China. During these years Sergey got involved in Real Estate business, and after being with the consulting company for five years, he started his own company in 2002.


Sergey lives in Sydney. His current projects involve web-based real estate marketing, transaction-processing software development for real estate, and computer-generated photo-realistic 3D images for real estate needs.




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