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Vadim Zima spent 6 years at the Institute due to one-year practical training in Egypt (1971-1972). After graduating from the Institute in 1974 he spent 2 years in Sudan with Soviet military advisors, and then worked as interpreter and translator with various army units in the Soviet Union until 1987. After he was stationed in Frunze (currently Bishkek, Capital of Kyrgyzstan) for eleven years with his career deadlocked, he quit the Army in protest (last rank captain) and moved to Moscow, Russia. He then started working as freelance interpreter and translator. In 1990 he relocated to the US but did not change his primary occupation. 

Vadim Zima owns a company called Zima.Net which provides translation and interpretation services from/to a number of world languages. He continues working as a translator/interpreter himself. You can find out more about him and his company on the company web site:


Vadim Zima and his daughter at home during a period of partial loss of mobility for him due to broken leg (fall of 2000).



  Art Shvetsov 2000-2003